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The Last True Chicken Sandwich

The Last True Chicken Sandwich

Learn About The Last True Chicken Sandwich
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The Super Chix Story

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This is not a restaurant. This is an obsession. And we have a problem. We’re not very good at letting things go. It’s a full-bore, all the way to the end, make it better, grinding obsession. We can’t have a conversation about the weather. We don’t know who played last night.  But if you ask us about our passion; about our obsession, be forewarned, the fire has been lit. We are Super Chix. Come get obsessed.

The Super Chix Team
True Chicken

Our Story

True Chicken

At Super Chix, we are super into chicken. We think it’s just about the most perfect food in the world. And we wanted our recipe to celebrate all that perfection. So we did something drastic. We decided to keep it simple. We decided to bring to you The Last True Chicken Sandwich.

Hand-Cut<br> Fries


We’re fry snobs, too. We only use the highest quality potatoes. They’re brought to us after they’ve met the strictest growing, storing, and shipping standards and are never genetically modified. These are some fancy potatoes.  That’s what it takes to serve the best.

Fresh Frozen<br> Custard

Fresh Frozen

Still hungry after all that good stuff? You’ll want to get in on our custard. We flavor it with our very own Super Chix vanilla blend and a unique, deep, rich chocolate blend. They blow the roof off other custard. Flavor of the Week


Top Notch<br> Toppings

Top Notch

We get our vegetables delivered whole. And we slice them up by hand. We use top-notch tomatoes for their robust flavor and hearty texture. And our pickles. We’re kinda into our pickles. Fresh packed and thick cut, our dills are Texas grown and always chilled. Our sandwich is so good, it deserves it.