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Far from Ordinary

The sandwich might sound familiar. Breaded and fried chicken served on a soft bun with two kosher pickles, the Super Chix signature entree is not unlike that of a certain, cow-loving fast-food chain. The difference? The Dallas-based, fast-casual chicken and custard chain — which opens its first Fort Worth location this month — uses never-frozen chicken that’s marinated in-store and breading without junk like MSG and high-fructose corn syrup. Super Chix’s renditions of the chicken sandwich are many. Think cheesy barbecue chicken with cheddar and chopped onions, cordon bleu with Swiss cheese, ham and honey mustard, and Nashville Hot with piquant dipping sauce. The fries are hand-cut from russet potatoes and special seasonings include rosemary black pepper. Then there’s the custard, which comes in vanilla, Dutch chocolate and a seasonal flavor of the week. For chicken sandwich lovers who might like one on a Sunday, Super Chix will be open seven days a week. 1217 Eighth Ave., Fort Worth

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Published February 8th, 2018

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