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3 Reasons You And Our New Grilled Chicken Sandwich Are Soulmates


Super Chix Grilled Chicken Sandwich


1) It’s not your cheat day.

The Last True Chicken Sandwich. Marinated, hand-breaded and cooked in 100% refined peanut oil fresh, in-store every single day, our Classic Chicken Sandwich is one of a kind. That being said, we know it’s not the best idea to eat fried chicken 7 days a week. For those days (or day – who’s counting?) that aren’t your cheat days, we’ve got a solution for you. Meet our new Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

2) Savory is your thing.

In relation to the breaded Classic Sandwich, the new Grilled Chicken Sandwich flavor profile brings your taste buds something completely different. Our chicken is marinated the same way, and seasoned with a mix of savory spices. We then hand-smash the chicken breast and sear it to order for the biggest, juiciest grilled chicken sandwich you’ve ever tasted. Oh yeah, did we mention the bun? The Grilled Chicken Sandwich comes on a Maple Wheat bun, baked fresh locally and delivered to us every morning by our friends at Village Baking Co.

3) One of your bucket list items is to try something new every day, starting today.

As they always say, “variety is the spice of life”. We’re big believers in this advice too, which is why we love switching up our menu. Our new Grilled Chicken Sandwich is served with crisp lettuce, tangy Kosher pickles, fresh-sliced tomato and our cucumber dill ranch (served on the side, so you can “do you”.)


We’re always on the quest to bring you amazing flavors through true ingredients.

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