Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes - Super ChixSuper Chix


As you know, Arlington, dedicated customers like you mean the world to us and are KEY to making us successful. Since this is our first store, we are always changing and trying new things in order to strive for the best darn chicken and fries you’ve ever tasted.

Since opening, we have made over 50 changes related to equipment, technology, process, ingredients, and most recently…the menu. Because we value honesty and transparency, we thought we would offer some insight on a few of the improvements.

Free Toppings vs. Fixed Options

1) Lower Priced Sandwich

We wanted a lower priced sandwich for you to enjoy. Our new Classic version is $3.60, down from $3.95, and just includes the basics. The new Deluxe sandwich comes pre-dressed with pickles, lettuce and tomatoes, but you can also customize and add haystacks and jalapeños for free—just like before. It’s the same price and offer as the previous Classic sandwich, minus the choice of pickles. In reality the toppings now included on the Deluxe sandwich are what the majority of customers were ordering when they ordered the previous Classic. You can now sauce either sandwich for free (yes, free!). And if you’re feeling extra fancy, add cheese and bacon, which are now add-ons.

2) Faster Order Times:

The second, but equally significant reason for changing the menu was ordering and wait times. The new menu has allowed us to simplify the ordering process, which has decreased order times by about 40%. The only thing we have removed are the 3 types of pickles. As you can imagine this has drastically reduced lines and given customers more time to enjoy lunch or dinner.


We loved having three different kinds of pickles. We spent a lot of time on recipes and finding the right supplier to make this happen. However, we found that the vast majority of you ordered the Kosher Pickle. Since our pickles are proprietary recipes and we don’t use preservatives, the pickles actually don’t last that long – which was resulting in us throwing away a lot of pickles. We will look at bringing them back in the future if we have a few more stores!


No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you; we have removed the Sriracha Sweet & Sour sauce  :( .  However, we have replaced it with our new Cucumber Dill Ranch. Beyond that, though, the sauces are the same. We renamed them for ease of ordering—so they roll of your tongue faster. We noticed a few social media comments about people being upset that the sauces have changed…sorry for the confusion.

As we have mentioned, we wouldn’t be what we are without your input. We will always take your feedback into consideration as we continue to make changes. Thanks for talking to us, Super Chix fans.