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We Heard You, @13Alliemarie

You speak, we listen.

Ranch at Super Chix

Whether or not to have a signature Ranch on the menu was something the Super Chix team went back and forth on for a few weeks prior to opening. Ultimately, we made the decision to focus on developing our four favorite sauces and use a standard Ranch packet instead. Oops.

To say we underestimated the love for Ranch in this town is an understatement. So with that in mind, we embarked on developing a KILLER Signature Ranch.  It was no easy feat.

Our problem with using a standard off-the-shelf Ranch is that the variations are sometimes made with funky ingredients in order to be stored at room temperature. Standard, off-the-shelf Ranch is also a little too “Plain Jane” for our liking.  So, we— along with our chef— created and tested over 50 different possible Ranch recipes.

After our extensive Ranch research, we ultimately decided on a Cucumber Dill Ranch.  We just refer to it as “Ranch” because it’s easier to order… but it’s much more special than that.  Like all of our signature sauces, it is free from all ingredients that might show up on the “Whole Foods Unapproved Ingredient List”.  So now, when my 2-year-old son dips his entire hand in our Ranch and smears it all over his face… at least I am comfortable with the ingredients. And they pair pretty well with our tenders and sandwiches too.

As always… we’re eager for your feedback.  Be sure to swing by and try our new Ranch for yourself!