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Some Things We’ve Learned Since Our Opening

We’ve been open for 57 days, and it has been an awesome ride, filled with challenges, excitement, and lots of chicken. In our quest to make our food the best it can be, we’ve been listening to your feedback. Here are some of the things we’ve learned:


1. As a new concept, we must clearly define who and what we are. Not in comparative terms, but in original terms that set the tone for others—both staff and guests alike.


We have spent the last few months talking with customers and explaining in detail what makes us special. Since we are a restaurant, and we sell chicken, comparisons are natural. But what it really boils down to is very simple:


We use better ingredients

We cook to order

Yes, it takes a bit longer. Yes, it’s more expensive. But we think the results are worth it.


2. Fresh cut fries… so simple, yet so complicated.


We believe our fresh cut fries are awesome. However we have learned there is a big difference between making 10 servings in our test kitchen and hundreds of orders back-to-back. Words like soggy, cold, over-seasoned and under-seasoned have become our nemesis. The fifth night we were open, three of us were hauling our brand new fry holding cabinet out to the back- where it was promptly stolen. We say good riddance.


Our fresh cut fries are now 100% cooked to order. Recently we switched dine-in orders to be served on trays. We found that fries sitting in the brown paper bag would steam and had a tendency to get a little soft. We are also in the process of switching our packaging, take out bags, and seasoning process. In fact, we have recreated our entire fry line in a warehouse kitchen in order to perfect it. Obsessive?


3. Our lines can get long.

When you come to Super Chix, you’re hungry (maybe even hangry). You don’t have much time. The first few weeks of opening were C-R-A-Z-Y. The perfect storm of new customers and a new menu, combined with a new team trying to perfect a first-ever process, made for long lines.


Good news…we are much faster. We’ve been working with our team to speed up our processes so you can get to the important stuff faster. Your food will still be made to order, but you’ll get to enjoy it sooner.


We want to give a big shout out and thank you to Arlington for such a warm welcome. You’ve taught us a lot over the past few months, and we are excited to keep bringing you what we love- amazing chicken.


– Nick