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Why You Should Start Eating Frozen Custard – Our Custard – Like, Immediately.

  1. First off, don’t be scared of the word “custard.” This isn’t flan or your grandma’s egg custard. It’s nothing like that. This is frozen custard, which is much more like ice cream. Actually, it’s what ice cream wishes it could be.
  2. And we bet you like ice cream already. Most Americans do—we spend close to $22 billion on it annually. Ice cream is really good and you can buy it almost anywhere—gas stations, grocery stores…street carts. Frozen custard, on the other hand, is mind-blowingly great and you can’t get it everywhere because it’s a-made-fresh-texture thing that has to be made by an expert. And you can’t just shove it in a freezer, it loses it’s magic.
  3. Frozen custard is superior because it has an ingredient ice cream doesn’t—egg yolk. Egg yolk gives frozen custard an even richer, creamier texture than ice cream. But custard has a very similar nutrition content to ice cream. So it only TASTES like it’s crazy worse for you. How’s that for a win-win?
  4. Frozen custard also has a slightly higher milk fat, which allows it to carry even more flavor molecules with it to your taste buds. That means if you make it with, say, the best Madagascar Bourbon and Indonesian Vanilla Beans ever created, you’d be able to taste that incredible vanilla combo even more than if it were added to ice cream, and with less added sugar.
  5. That same milk fat lets any other awesome flavors you add taste even better, too. Add some strawberry and it’s suddenly the best strawberry ever. Add chocolate and…so good you might punch yourself in the face.
  6. Now let’s talk concretes. When you mix frozen custard at high speed with your favorite ingredients, a concrete is born. You’ll know because when you turn the cup upside down, the contents and spoon won’t fall out. They’ll stay stuck in the cup. And just forget about that straw. It’s not gonna do anything for you. May as well throw that thing away. And believe us when we say, this is a good thing.