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Meet the Last True Chicken Sandwich

We want to introduce you to what we here at Super Chix are all about:

  1. Super Chix was founded on a radical idea:  Keep It Simple.  You’ll taste our philosophy in everything we make.
  2. Let’s start with our chicken. It’s hand breaded, and marinated in-house – just like you’d make it if you opened a kickass chicken restaurant.
  3. To us, every detail matters. With three kinds of handmade, refrigerated pickles – sweet, hot and kosher – you are finally free to pick your pickle.
  4. We’ve taken the humble french fry and transformed it into the hand-cut pride of Idaho.  Good enough to stand alone, but even better next to The Last True Chicken Sandwich.
  5. Finally, when you’ve polished off every last bite, our world-renowned custard will be waiting for you. Our custard is what ice cream wishes it could be.

We can’t wait until you can get in here and taste what we’re talking about.  The Last True Chicken Sandwich is ready when you are.  What time will we see you?